Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Boogiemonsters - Riders Of The Storm: The Underwater Album (1994) (320kbps)

Country: USA (New York)
Released: 1994
Label: Pendulum Records/EMI America
Quality: 320kbps
Duration: 59:01


1. Jugganauts
2. Recognized Thresholds Of Negative Stress
3. Boogie
4. Muzic Appreciation (Sweet Music)
5. Mark Of The Beast
6. Altered States Of Consciousness
7. Honeydips In Gotham
8. Strange
9. Old Man Jacob's Well
10. Bronx Bombas
11. Salt Water Taffy (Slo Jam)
12. Riders Of The Storm Featuring - Ajaru, Baba Wisdom, Basic, Cosmic Ray, Xtreem
13. Recognized Thresholds Of Negative Stress (Stressless Mix)


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